Planning Tools

There is a lot to do when planning a special event.  Below are some helpful links to guide you along the way.


It is very important to determine your budget, outline where you will spend your money and keep track of expenses along the way.


Every event is unique...use this as a guideline and if possible and try and tackle one big task at a time to avoid getting overwhelmed. 

Questions for vendors

Choosing a venue and vendors you feel comfortable with is one of the most important decisions you will make.  Check reviews and use these questions to help you narrow your search. 

Ceremony outline

Are you using traditional vows or writing your own?  Do you want a short or long ceremony?  This outline can help you get started.  We also recommend incorporating stories from your relationship to personalize your ceremony.

Alcohol estimator

This calculator can help you determine how much alcohol to order for your event.  You should also check with your vendor to see if unopened bottles can be returned.  We recommend using a company that delivers and don't forget the ice.

Rentals checklist

If rentals are not provided by your venue, you will need to bring them in.  Use this checklist to determine what is needed.  It is important to staff accordingly to ensure set up and tear down go smoothly and check with your venue to find out when rentals can be delivered and when they need to be picked up.

Photo shot list

Your photos are one of the best ways to relive the special moments of your wedding.  This list includes some of the shots you may want to capture on your big day. It is helpful to collect examples of photos that you like and designate a friend or family member to help gather everyone together for pictures.

Song list

Playing great music can help set the mood for your event.  It can be used to personalize your reception, add a sentimental touch to personal moments and liven up the crowd for dancing. 

Wedding tip sheet

While tipping is not always expected, it is a nice gesture if you feel a vendor went above and beyond to help ensure the success of your big day.  This sheet will give you a guideline of who to tip and how much to give.

Sample timeline

Establishing a timeline for your wedding day is essential.  Start with these sample timelines and then customize them to fit the size, feel and style of your wedding.